Marinucci Calls on Kearns to Publicly Explain Unauthorized Donation

Angela Marinucci For Erie County Clerk

Angela Marinucci, the endorsed Democratic, Working Families and Women’s Equality candidate for Erie County Clerk, is calling upon current Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns to explain how and why his campaign received an unauthorized check from another candidate’s account, and to update his most recent campaign filing to reflect the refund of that money.

According to reports, last Tuesday, Kearns was forced to return an unauthorized $5,000 check Although Kearns received the check on June 5, 2018, he did not acknowledge receipt, even though Rivera is publicly supporting Marinucci. Although it represented the single largest donation that Kearns received during the cycle, Rivera only became aware of the donation six weeks later, on July 16, 2018, when Kearns was required to disclose his campaign’s finances. Rivera immediately asked that Kearns refund the money, which Kearns did. Rivera fired his campaign treasurer and has asked the Erie County District Attorney to investigate the matter.

Kearns has not yet filed an amended filing to reflect the fact that he refunded the money, a fact which has drawn criticism from Marinucci. “Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns must consider his role as the chief record keeper of Erie County,” said Marinucci. “He has had a week to amend his financial filings, and has failed to do so. As an elected official, he must be a model of transparency and accountability. He should cooperate fully with any investigation and explain to the public what he knows about the circumstances surrounding the unauthorized check. I call on him to amend his campaign report to reflect his finances as they truly are. The public must have every confidence that the individual they entrust with their most sensitive information is complying with both the letter and the spirit of the law”