National Democratic County Officials (NDCO) Endorses Marinucci for Erie County Clerk

The National Democratic County Officials (NDCO) have endorsed Angela Marinucci for Erie County Clerk. Marinucci is a corporate attorney and small business owner. Marinucci’s mission is to improve the customer service experience for residents and expand the use of technology. She wants to offer individuals access to more of their documents online, cut the pistol permit backlog, and expand the Child ID program to allow parents to include their child’s health information.

“Angela Marinucci’s private sector experience will restore professionalism to the Erie County Clerk’s Office,” NDCO Chair Commissioner Unzell Kelley (Coosa County, AL) said. “And her dedication to public service will ensure that Erie County residents can trust her with their most important documents and transactions.”

“I am running for Erie County Clerk, because I believe we need good people at all levels of government, and because I have the skills to get the job done.” said Marinucci. “Faith in our public institutions is at an all-time low. The Clerk’s Office plays a vital part in so many of our major milestones: getting a driver’s license, buying a home, starting a business. We can demonstrate that government can work, that it can be a resource and a place to turn to for assistance.”

The Erie County Clerk is an independently elected official responsible for recording, filing and maintaining a central repository of legal documents and records and manages local Auto Bureau, as an agent for the State Department of Motor Vehicles.

“Angela Marinucci will bring new perspectives to Erie County government,” said NDCO Executive Director Michael Sargeant. “If elected, she would be the first woman to hold countywide executive office in over seven years, and she would be the youngest by more than a decade. At a time when women and young people are stepping off the sidelines, Angela Marinucci will provide a fresh perspective to the challenges facing Erie County.”

The National Democratic County Officials (NDCO) is the official Democratic Party organization supporting the efforts of Democratic county officials across the country. NDCO has launched the first national political program that is helping Democratic county officials and candidates win elections. NDCO is building the infrastructure of the Democratic Party by introducing cutting edge political tools and promoting best practices to Democrats running for county office.