The County Clerk’s office plays a key role in so many major milestones: starting a business, buying a home, and getting a driver’s license. As an attorney, I have spent my career helping my clients navigate complex systems, and I want to use those skills to help the residents of Erie County in the Clerk’s office. I am committed to ensuring that our tax dollars are spent wisely. Before elected officials ask for more money or more staff, they must ensure that they are making full use of the resources they are given.

As Erie County Clerk, my goal will be to cut wait times, expand the use of technology,  focus on services for communities with special needs, and improve facilities and customer service.

Improving Wait Times

Driver’s License Renewals – I will be focused on efficiency and effectiveness, including finding ways to expedite the processing of renewals, speaking with the NYS legislative delegation regarding keeping additional online renewal revenue in Erie County, and expanding translation services to those who are not fluent in English in order to expedite processing times for everyone waiting in line.

Pistol Permit Backlog / Noncompliance with the SAFE Act – There is a significant backlog on processing of pistol permits and there are thousands of Erie County residents not in compliance with permit renewals required under the SAFE Act. As Clerk, I will work with local law enforcement to find solutions to background check backlogs so that permits can process more efficiently. Additionally, I will focus on bringing all pistol permit holders into compliance with the SAFE Act, because responsible gun ownership requires the observing of all applicable laws.

Improved use of technology

Online access to your records – Unlike other counties in New York, Erie County does not allow you to access your important documents online. If you want to access legal records or land records, you must request them in person at the Clerk’s Office in Buffalo. Your time is valuable, and I want to provide you with the tools to access those materials from home.

Online renewals – If you renew your license online, all of the funds go directly to New York State. I want to work with our local legislative delegation to allow local communities to retain some of that money so that we can fix our roads and bridges.

Online appointments – We must improve the current lackluster system for reserving appointments online to increase overall efficiency and decrease in-person wait time for Erie County residents/

Mobile DMV units – We must expand mobile DMV units to rural and other underserved communities, including on Saturdays.

Services for those with special needs

Seniors and New Drivers – During select weeks throughout the year, DMVs will focus on the unique needs of seniors and new drivers.

Child ID – As the mother of a child with severe food allergies, I know how vital that information can be in a crisis. I want to improve the Child ID program to allow parents to include their child’s health information. Including this information in the system will ensure that it is available to first responders, even if your child is unable to communicate.

Veterans – We must be proactive with our veterans and inform them of the services they have earned. Under my leadership, the Clerk’s Office will conduct extensive outreach to veterans and their families.

Facilities and Customer Service

Improved facilities and a customer-focused approach –  I will review leases to see about adding bathrooms in DMV locations, hold employee training to encourage compassion, inclusivity, and acceptance, and implement changes that will make the Clerk’s office more accessible and a more pleasant experience for the community.